dog grooming

Dog grooming is essential for maintaining your dogs coat and overall health. When your dog is booked in for either a full groom or a bath and blowdry their coat will be fully assessed to determine which services are required such as de-shedding their coat to remove all dead hair, thoroughly combing long haired breeds to remove and help prevent matting forming, hand stripping on certain breeds to strip all the dead hair blowing out the coat to reveal the new undercoat. Their nails will be cut to prevent them becoming overgrown and growing into their pads. Long haired dog breeds will have their ears plucked to remove dead hair from the ear canal to prevent ear infections forming due to ear wax and dirt forming in the canal, followed by an ear clean on both long and short hair breeds to clean dirt and wax from inside the ear.


Specialist shampoo suitable for your dogs skin will be used in the bath to clean your dog's coat preparing them to be dried and cut. They will then be dried with specialist dog dryers to also help remove dead hair and locate any matts in your dog's coat. If required your dog will then be cut and styled to your preferred style if achievable. During your dogs groom we will carry out a health check to check for any lumps, bumps, scratches, dental problems etc that may not have been seen at home.